Meat Tray - Acorn-Fed Iberian Chorizo & Cebo campo loin "lomo", 100g

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My tapas tray with two of the best cured meats:

  1. Acorn-Fed Iberian Chorizo slices, 100g
  2. Iberian cebo campo loin "lomo" Sierra Barbellido

Iberian acorn-feed chorizo is made from carefully selected 100% pure, acorn fed Iberian pig meat, cut, marinated and stuffed into natural casings.

The Iberian loin from Sierra de Barbellido is an artisanal product, made following the tradicional recipes form Extremadura. Without any outer fat, it is known for being extraordinarily juicy and tender. With a touch of "pimentón de La Vera" (smoked paprika), which gives it its characteristic aroma, this loin is one of the best parts of the pork - with incomparable texture and flavour.