Oro del Desierto Origen Limited Edition 500 ML

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In Oro del desierto they have undertaken a new exciting project, in which we begin with the recovery of a singular variety completely native to the province of Almería, cataloged and described as “Picual of Almería “ whose name is due to the similarity of appearance of the fruit with the original Picual (which we also produce since 1999), but which nevertheless is a variety profoundly different in all aspects, both agronomic, as in the resulting product. The tree is of great vigor and productivity; it alternates in production and with a fruit with a very late maturation. It reaches a good point with 70% green fruits in the first weeks of December, being therefore one of the latest ripe varieties in our area. This variety is extremely limited in terms of extension and is only found in some areas of our province, being the Tabernas Desert one of them. The farm from which it comes is very small and located about 850m altitude in a mountainous area. From which the olives have been harvested and transferred to our mill for immediate production on the same day. Oro del Desierto limited edition “Origen” is a unique oil for its rarity, for the variety and the result obtained is absolutely fantastic, with great aromatic complexity and a very balanced and harmonious flavor. Due to being a very limited production it is only sold in 500ml bottles as a limited and singular edition.