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Exotic Atlantic Ocean


Embark on a culinary journey full of flavours from the sea with our exclusive combination of Barnacles, Creamy Pea purée and Scallops! Get ready for a gastronomic experience that combines the freshness of the ocean with the delicacy of vegetable flavours.

Start with the Barnacles, authentic jewels of the sea, harvested from the rugged rocks of our coasts. These unique shellfish stand out for their intense flavour and meaty texture, providing an unforgettable taste experience.

Our Creamy of Pea Purée, prepared with fresh, tender peas, joins the mix. Its smooth texture and sweet, refreshing taste perfectly complements the marine flavours of the Barnacles and adds an exquisite vegetal note to the dish.

Finally, Scallops, also known as scallops, are added to this heavenly combination. These delicate, juicy molluscs are seared to perfection to bring out their naturally sweet flavour and silky smooth texture. They are the perfect complement to further enrich this dish full of elegance and sophistication.

Every bite of this combination of Barnacles, Cream of Pea Purée and Scallops will transport you to the misty, salty breezes of the ocean, awakening your senses and delighting your palate with its explosion of flavours.


Minimum order: 3 Tapas


Barnacles, scallops, green peas, olive oil, salt, pepper.


GF: Gluten-Free

DF: Dairy-Free

S - Contains Shellfish


PICK UP LOCATION: Falaise Rd. Nepean (Ottawa)

DELIVERY: Only in Ottawa (ON) and Gatineau (QC)

PRIVATE CHEF EXPERIENCE: Falaise Rd. Nepean (Ottawa)