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La Estepeña Polvorón Chocolate / Chocolate Almond Cookie 265Grs


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La Estepeña Chocolate Polvoron 265g  Chocolate Polvorones are a crumbly Spanish shortbread with almonds.Typical Christmas sweet cake made with almond, flour, lard, sugar, cinnamon and sesame, then baked in the oven. It is shaped into small cakes and wrapped in paper. Polvoron Chocolat traditionnel La Estepeña, 265g Le Polvoron au Chocolat est un sablé espagnol friable à l'amande. C'est une gâterie typique de la période de noël, faite avec des amandes, de la farine, du sucre, de la cannelle, et du sésame, et ensuite cuit au four. Il est préparé en petits gâteaux et enveloppé dans du papier. La Estepeña is a well-known company in Spain that started their business in 1858, when they opened a "confiteria" in Estepa, Sevilla and where producing there this Christmas sweets as polvorones. Years of work and their constance, besides the premium quality of their products, have made La Estepeña, one of the leading producers of Spanish Christmas sweets in Spain.