Pancracio Dark Chocolate with Raspberries, 100g

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Chocolate with raspberry, the flavours of America and Europe. Sweet, sour and acidic at the same time. An exquisite pairing full of history. Bitter 64% cocoa dark chocolate, and carefully selected raspberries. This is an artisan chocolate with a slight fruity and fresh touch.   INGREDIENTS: 64% cocoa dark chocolate covering (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla aroma); 7% freeze dried raspberry (sugar, 44% raspberry, tapioca starch, raspberry juice concentrate).  Made with 100% cacao butter. May contain traces of: gluten, peanuts, nuts and milk.   Nutrition Facts (100g) Energy value:  2387 Kj / 572 Kcal Fats:     of which saturates: 36 gr. 23 gr. Carbohydrates:       of which sugars:  55 gr.  37 gr. Protein:  7,30 gr. Salt:  0,03 gr.