Pancracio Milk Chocolate with Caramelized Nuts, 100g

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If you like chocolate with nuts, you cannot miss this delicacy. The best Pancracio cocoa with Marcona almonds, domestic pistachios and hazelnut. A crunchy combination of flavours that is sure to surprise you.


Ingredients: 38% cocoa milk chocolate covering (sugar, cocoa butter, powdered whole milk, cocoa paste, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla aroma, salt); caramelized hazelnut (hazelnut, white sugar, water, inverted sugar); caramelized Marcona almond (almond, white sugar, water, inverted sugar); caramelised pistachio (pistachio, white sugar, water, inverted sugar); Delta del Ebro fleur de sel (salt). Total nut content: 21%.
Made with 100% cacao butter.
May contain traces of: gluten and peanuts.


Nutrition Facts (100g)

Energy value: 2470 Kj. / 593 KCa
    of which saturates:
40 gr.
20 gr.
    of which sugars:
48 gr.
46 gr
Protein: 9,80 gr.
Salt: 0,22 gr