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Enjoy these gourmet products selection that we have meticulously chosen for you:
  • Oro del Desierto Origen Limited Edition olive oil
  • Gourmet Squid in ink
  • Gourmet baby eels in olive oil 'angulas'
  • Gourmet white tuna loins (Bonito del Norte) in olive oil
  • Sun-Dried olives Empeltre from Aragon
  • Mediterranean Aioli black garlic sauce
  • DeLaViuda hazelnut Bonbons
  • DeLaViuda 70% dark chocolate Turron
  • LaRosala nut luxury Cocktail gourmet
  • Rose petal jam Origen
  • Artisan toasted bread MiniCiabatta Olives
  • Sykos Karamela dried figs


Disclaimer: picture shows the suggested presentation. Packaging can vary. Depending on availability, products can be replaced with a similar or superior product.