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Natural Sea Urchin Roes "Huevas de Erizo" Conservas de Cambados


Gourmet sea urchin is the maximum marine flavor of Conservas de Cambados, a fine delight presented in a metal container.The starting point for the elaboration of this delicacy consists in the selection of the best sea urchins.Did you know this? Sea Urchins is very popular in France, Japan and Spain (especially on the Cantabrian coast, Catalonia, Cádiz and the Balearic Islands). It combines especially well in scrambled eggs, soups, creams and pasta, although some prefer to consume them just as it is presented in the can, natural, with its delicious and deep flavor of the sea.This Natural sea urchin roe is accompanied only by water and salt. Regarding its nutritional value, it has 7.8 g of proteins per 100g. Low level of calories with a great contribution of iron and phosphorus. In addition, the consumption of this seashell  provides the body with carbohydrates, sodium and saturated fatty acids.With an incomparable flavor, our Gourmet Sea Urchin Roe provide a deep oceanic aroma. There is no shellfish that synthesizes the sea in such a perfect way!