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    In Solfarmers you will find a wide catalogue, carefully selected with the best Spanish food products, especially recommended for foodies, gourmets and lovers of cooking and good food. In our online shop you will find quality products that are not easily found in supermarkets and grocery shops, and with an unbeatable quality/price ratio. Whether you want to treat yourself, you are looking for special ingredients for your culinary creations or simply want to surprise friends and family with a delicious gift. We present you with a wide variety of Spanish products such as preserves, cold meats, cheeses or special products like olive oil or our paella kit. We have thousands of gourmet food products and we have the best brands on the market for you.
    We take the utmost care of the quality of our products. That is why we only offer those products that we select and consider to be of sufficient quality to form part of our catalogue. We want our products to result in a sensory and palate experience, so that you not only love them but also repeat them and recommend us to your friends and acquaintances.
    In our online shop you will find all kinds of products. We have a complete section of products of the Mediterranean diet. Are you looking for special products such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil or a line of organic and vegan products? You will also find them in our Online Shop.
    When the gift-giving season approaches, choosing gourmet products is usually a guaranteed success. And it is a gift category that is usually liked by everyone, as there is a lot to choose from. We know that when we talk about gourmet products, it is usually associated with high and inaccessible prices, but don't worry because this is not the case. At Solfarmers we offer you top quality and very affordable gift boxes, with prices under 50 Canadian dollars.